Youth Training

Youth Training

“When I was young we amused ourselves by spending time outdoors – no games consoles or social media, We climbed trees, explored the countryside, ran, played football in the park, cycled to school and even stream jumped all the time keeping us fit.

All these activities kept us fit, strong and flexible. But today, life is very different. So, this is the reason I came up with Marlborough Youth Fitness (MYF) to provide an opportunity for youngsters to gain the physical attributes we possessed when we were young” – Steven York.

MYF Fundamentals

We don’t just teach physical skills, we also teach a strong mental attitude to facing challenges, an old school way of describing this could be GRIT. We believe it’s important for children to experience failure as well as success.


Human movement can be broken down into seven moves: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation, Gait. We need our children to use these movements to aid them later in life. We teach exercises that mirror the ‘natural environment’ movements.

How we get this done

“Short and fun sessions! I believe in a a wide range of sport experiences, children can specialise later in life, I believe in being competitive and winning, the adage ‘just taking part’ does not prepare children for adult life” – Steven York